May 18, 2011

If I Became President

Every couple of months or so Tyler comes home with a project that the class was working on. Usually it's a collection of stories written by the kids based on a book that they have read in class. Today's project was a little different as he came home with a collection called "If I Became President". Now I credit the kids for trying but let's take a look at how life would be different if they were the president.

So here is a girl that wants to eat ice cream everyday and give everyone a home. Two problems here; first, you are certainly adding to the childhood obesity problem, you need to eat ice cream everyday? Let's put down the chocolate eclair and start munching on some broccoli. Second, giving everyone a home is what got us into this financial mess that the country is in. Let's start teaching these kids economics please!

Ok seriously, you are going to share your feelings with us? What are we going to do sit around and braid each others hair and talk about boys? Come on!

This girl has something here, everybody should have a pet dog. Now that seems like a platform that I could get behind, but again, you are eating too many cookies! And why are we celebrating for eight days? Is it hanukkah?

FOOD FIGHT!!! The only problem with this is that I believe this how WWI started.  Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated after throwing a meatball at Gavrilo Princip. So the idea that we might go through that again is probably not the best of ideas.

So you are just going to give people money. That seems like a wise use of my tax dollars. I could use an R2-D2 though, that's the best idea that I have seen so far!

Really? Just give it away? Whose money are these kids just handing out to people, because it certainly is not going to be mine. Besides, we already have a program like this in place, it's called welfare, as in if you don't start studying you will end up on welfare.

Cookies for breakfast! Who doesn't like that idea? I'll tell you who, the 20% of kids that are suffering from obesity in this country, and now you want to shove cookies down their throats, for breakfast no less. Talk about a real breakfast of champions right there.

This one was apparently written BY THE BULLY IN THE CLASS. He is trying to snuff out PEApol just like himself.  Lets learn how to spell before you star worrying about being president.

What is unfair about the laws? The fact the you are now allowed to only have a million sandwiches? Now you want to be able to eat a BILLION sandwiches? I didn't know there were laws governing these sort of things. Have looked at your big round head? You should probably cut down on the grilled cheese instead.

I guess they have a little bit of time to work on their campaign platforms.  At least we now know what kids in this country are concerned with.  There must be a serious lack of cookies and ice cream in their lives.

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John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Hysterical! Thanks for being the "Simon" of critiquing children's artwork and dreams.

  2. Ha Ha Ha! That's what I love about children's writing and art - it's so selfish! It's all about them. Thanks for the laugh.