May 10, 2011

Two for Tuesday

The purpose of this is to discuss two completely unrelated topics and package them together nicely into a little ball. Soccer and ear hair don't always go together, but for the purpose of this post they might as well.

My son Tyler is on the absolute worst soccer team. I know that leagues have no idea who players are before they bunch everyone together but it's ridiculous how bad a team can be. It was the same thing last fall and I am beginning to think it's a conspiracy against me and my son. The games are so one sided it's somewhat tortuous to watch. There are rules in place to prevent games from getting too out of hand, but when you play my sons team there is not too much you can do. Today's game was even played with an extra player on my sons team and they still lost 9-0. I guess there is always next year.

I am starting to lose the battle with ear hair. Fortunately it's not to the point of the picture above, but it's enough to annoy you. I can only picture really old men with those unsightly nose and ear hairs hanging out of their heads and I am not ready to be one of those guys. I am a 37 year old and I certainly don't want to look any older than that. Running a blog you are able to see how people are arriving at your site. On numerous occasions people have found my site googling "hairy daddy". Now I don't know why all these people are looking for hairy daddies but hopefully after this post I will lock up the "hairy daddy ears" crowd. Since soccer is clearly not in the cards for me, I have to have something to shoot for right?

That's my twofer.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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