May 13, 2011

Christmas in May?

Must they come down?

So I finally got to taking down the Christmas lights yesterday. I know that Christmas was five months ago, trust me, my wife has told me numerous times. She thinks that we are the laughing stock of the entire community, while I think that if I could bring joy to even one person a day, I have done my job.  Maybe I am a little odd who knows.

Now the lights have not been on the whole time, I think that I shut them off sometime after Valentine's Day. You see they went from being Christmas lights to winter lights to Valentine's lights without ever having to actually do anything. When you string red and white lights in the form of two giant candy canes, you can get away with this sort of thing, or so I would think.  I should have just strung a blue light in the middle and kept them up until the 4th of July, but as we know the wife is actually in charge.  So down they came.

My wife has this idea that everyone in the community thinks we, meaning I of course, are stupid. Our house is strategically located in our development so that every car that enters or exits has to drive past our house. Not once has anyone said anything to me personally, so I have to assume that everyone is OK with my continued holiday spirit. Why must we limit ourselves to only hanging lights up between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it seems like a lot of work for such a limited reward, right? There was one year where I think I had the lights on until Mother's Day, and maybe that WAS a little too much. I have offered my wife a ladder to take them down but I think the only time she has ever used one is to reach a pair of shoes at the top of a rack at DSW.
A pile of memories

I probably could have taken the lights down a while ago but seeing them in a pile on the ground I can't help but think of the memories made while they were up. Tyler lost a tooth (two actually), Carter is no longer afraid of characters (except Santa go figure), and my wife got an awesome new job. As for me I see another season flying before my eyes and I am left wondering if life is ever going to slow down. Pretty soon I am going to have to put those lights back up, and contemplate all that happened over the summer. Hopefully the boys will learn to ride a bike, the wife will hopefully be home more, and I, well, I just hope that everything slows down a little so I can enjoy it all. As for the scarecrow that's been up since before Halloween, I probably should have taken that down months ago, what was I thinking?
He has seen a lot standing guard at our house
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John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Ha! That's hilarious. At this point, it's best to just leave the scarecrow up. You're past the halfway point on the calendar already ;)

  2. OK people, where are my supporters??? I know everyone who drives past our house thinks that we are crazy that there are holiday lights up when the flowers are in bloom.
    As for the scarecrow by our front porch in May, I just have to laugh at that. Maybe I should make a rule that if John wants to celebrate Christmas every day, I can keep my stocking hanging up by the fireplace and should expect a treat each day. What do you think?