May 4, 2011

A Daddy's in Charge Foolproof Recipe #1

In a follow up to last nights entry I decided to feed the boys again. I thought that I would share with you one of the recipes that my boys like the most. I have pretty much perfected this recipe as it is the only thing that I know the boys will eat. It's a pretty simple recipe, one that should take no more than 15 minutes.

Daddy's in Charge? Pasta With Butter

First step is to boil the water, if this takes more than seven minutes you should have your stove checked.

Second step is to add the pasta, feel free to substitute any variety. In this case tonight I got a little crazy and used those yolkless egg noodles. I know it's a risky idea but one I was willing to take.

Set the timer for 9:00. You could go longer depending on your pasta variety. This where it gets a little tricky though, cook it until your timer beeps.

Strain pasta to remove any excess water.

Add butter. You could use some other substitute but I find it tastes better with butter. I think my boys would agree.

Serve it to your children and watch them go crazy.

It's a pretty simple recipe and one that can easily be mastered through trial and error. I will share with you exclusive recipes in the future, ones that I am sure your kids will love, and you will love making. If you have any to share I would love to hear them and give them a try.

Happy Eating!

If you have your own nonsense recipe to share feel free to link up over at Solitary Mama where she is always dishing up good stuff.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Love these. As for the buttered noodles? Those go over really well in my house. As a side note, if you sprinkle in some parmesan cheese (the kind in the green can) it's really good.

  2. trying this. I'm also pinning it on pinterest. Woot.

  3. Maybe You can share this original on #SundaySupper sometime :) Foolproof indeed ! My kids love butttered noodles !

  4. Outstanding! I didn't even have to go to allrecipes to find it.

  5. I should har Sid season to taste but my kids like everything plain, so it works out well.