May 3, 2011

My Boys Can Feed Themselves

I know what you are thinking, my kids are almost seven and four years old of course they can feed themselves. Well I know they aren't babies and they can FEED themselves, but I am saying that I am done, THEY CAN FEED THEMSELVES. Dinner is way too much of a battle to deal with and I can't do it anymore.

You would think throwing a couple of slices of pizza in front of them would do the trick, especially after they asked for it, but again the pizza sits almost all uneaten. It seems like this almost everynight and it's not like we are throwing porridge or liver in front of them. Even nights where I put macaroni and cheese on their plates it goes half uneaten.

When they do decide to eat dinner turns into a Seder like event lasting well over an hour. All I ask is that someone come to my house at around 5:30, cook for them and feed them. I am going to happy hour and I will be back by bedtime. The two hours around dinner time are THE most frustrating two hours in my day. I would much rather subject myself to watching a marathon of The View than having to deal with this. Thank God I only have to do it seven days a week!

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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  1. I think your boys are at that age where they don't eat anything. Or if they do, it's only one thing over and over. My daughter's was cottage cheese. I think they outgrow it and eventually start eating like human beings around 13 and then they eat everything in the house. (What I've heard anyway).