May 5, 2011

What is it?

Being a Daddy in Charge means I have a lot of responsibilities. One of those is obviously taking care of the grocery shopping. I can't say that I do a very good job of it, because everyone complains about the food that I make. The kids like their food one way and the wife expects me to offer her a gourmet meal every night, as if that's what the moms in my situation do. Anyway sometimes you come across stuff at the store that leaves your head scratching.

Yucca or yucky?

This is apparently a Yucca root or something to that extent? I don't think it would ever be something that found it's way to my table. Someone must eat it because it's always at the store, unless it's the same one week after week and they are just playing some cruel joke on us. What the heck are you supposed to do with this thing? Apparently it has the texture of the potato or something. Well if that's the case can't we just stick to the potato? Will the Earths entire ecosystem be thrown into an unbalance if we got rid of this "food"? If it is going to stick around you have to change the name, my kids will never eat something with a name like Yucca.
Malaga or malady

I for the life of me have never seen this plant, is it a plant? It feels like a canteloupe that's been rotting on my countertop for over a month. I handed it to my son and he almost threw up. Can you even make anything with a Malaga? If anyone knows what I can do with it, I would love to know.
Celery something?

This is some sort of celery bulb. There are only two places that celery should be used, in soups and in tuna (sometimes). Otherwise is there a more disgusting vegetable? You can plaster it with all the peanut butter you want, it still taste like celery. By the way who thought that celery and peanut butter made a good combination. So if celery sucks, I can't imagine a big blob of it would taste any better. Maybe I am wrong.
Midget bananas

Seriously, mini bananas? Let the things grow! What's wrong with a normal sized banana? These are just a tease. My son told me that these things only belong on peoples heads like from the movie Rio. I think he is right.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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