October 13, 2011

Carving Pumpkins... Starring Legos

Carving out pumpkins is one thing that I can vividly remember doing with my dad.  We would lay out newspaper on the floor, and remove all of the seeds.  I always liked reaching in and pulling out all the guts of the pumpkin.  It was pretty gross.  When I was a kid it seems like we just carved out simple faces.  Kids nowadays are getting much more creative.

The Movie

I am amazed at what these kids can come up with.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Loving these Lego movies.

  2. I know that Carter has some crazy Lightsaber skills, but I had no idea he was able to use a knife so well. I guess I should have known.

  3. the lego movies totally rock. Where did you get the creepy pumpkin head legos?

  4. I have many legos... these came from one of those lego board game

  5. This is a fun project to do. It's not the normal pumpkin carving.

  6. Willey, you're amazing. :)