October 19, 2011

Wednesday's Window... My Anniversary

This week we take you back 11 years to the day that my wife and I got married. October 22, 2000 will always rank as one of the three best days of my life, the other two are the days my boys were born.  If we go back 11 years you will recall that the movie The Wedding Singer was fresh in our minds, at least mine anyway.  Yes I decided I would be the cheese ball that would sing to his wife at his wedding, not too many guys can say that.  Now I don't have the voice of Josh Grobin but who cares, I was going to do it.  11 years and the song rings true to this day.  I apologize for the horribly off key singing, but I hope you enjoy this weeks Wednesday's Window, at my expense.

Of course my band wasn't the smartest group, the head of the band came up to me later and said they would have been more than happy to sing it for me.  Well, that would have kind of killed the moment, don't you think.

Happy 11 years to my beautiful bride.  

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Congrats on your decade-plus-one. My friend (female) played guitar and sang the same tune to her husband at their wedding in 2007.

    You may be off-key, but you definitely get points for cojones.

    JJ – The Dude
    Twitter: @DudeOfTheHouse

  2. Congrats on the wedding anniversary! That's really awesome that you sang at your wedding :) That is how wedding memories are made (and of course nice to look back on and remember)!

  3. A little pitchy I spots, dawg. But you worked it out. That was great. I always wished I did that at our wedding. I will probably do it at the Peanut's since I'm paying. Happy Anny to you and Jen. Many many more.

  4. I was lucky to find the tape! It was buried under a pile of LPs. Thanks all for the congrats! I don't think I will be making it to Hollywood anytime soon.

  5. It's not always skill that matters..The heart of it counts for more. Congrats on your anniversary

  6. How sweet!! Congratulations! And thank God you didn't tape over it or anything, eh? O.O

  7. After seeing countless newlyweds shove cake into each others faces, I find your approach refreshing and very sweet. Good for you. And good for her. She got a great guy.

  8. Courage is often undervalued by others! Fun & sweet!