October 11, 2011

Taking Back My Fridge

Something really stinks, and I just can't seem to place exactly where it is.

The refrigerator is one of those places, at least in my house, that leftovers get put in and they never come out.  I did a thorough cleaning not too long ago and found some food product from seven years ago. That was before we were even in our current fridge and our current house.  As you can imagine my refrigerator does not smell like peaches and rose petals.  Every time that the door opens, a fresh odor of rotting produce and half finished cups of milk fills the kitchen air.  Its not a sweet scent to say the least. It's one that makes you want to throw up.

It's time to get to the bottom of this.

Do we ever eat anything?
The first task at hand was to move all the leftovers out of the fridge.  Certainly this is where most of the problems lie.  Most of this food I have no idea when we ate it.  I am thinking that I made the tomato sauce about a month ago but I'm not really sure. So out goes the sauce, out goes the pasta with some sort of fungus growing on it, and out goes some other thing that I cannot recognize as it is covered with a layer of congealed grease.

What the hell that thing was I have no idea.

So now that the leftovers are out of the way, its time to tackle the produce drawers.  The fruit drawer looks fine.  There are some fruit from the Eisenhower administration, but they still look edible and are somewhat firm.  They get to stay in, as it actually smells OK.  They add a plum and apple fragrance that can only make everything smell a little bit better.  Upon inspection of the  vegetable drawer I think we have found the culprit!

Looks like an onion, smells like an onion
This used to be an onion.  What it is now is a rotted, mushy disgusting ball of nothingness.  Now I know there are differing theories on where you are supposed to store an onion, I choose the fridge simply because I don't ant it on my counters. I have enough junk on there that they though of a pile of onions would put me over the edge.  I still would probably forget about them and end up with the same rotting mess that I have now.

We'll see if this solves the problem.

It's safe to say that I will not be going through this again, at least with the fridge.  I have noticed a very strange odor coming from the freezer though, and I really don't want to know what's in there.  It's been years since I ventured into some parts of it.  Certainly there are other life forms in play in there.  Why can't these things be like an oven, and clean themselves?

That reminds me... ugh.    

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. When your freezer smells be afraid - very afraid!

  2. I have to venture into cleaning or fridge, as well as our car which actually has no junk in it, but suddenly has a funk. Not looking forward to finding out what's hiding in there. You're a brave man!

  3. I didn't know onions could even go bad. What do I know?

    At some point, doesn't the bacteria eat the fungus then die from some virus or something? Seems like that stuff should just rise up against one another and wipe out all life forms in the fridge in some apocalyptic total fridge war. I say give it more time.

  4. There's another fridge downstairs where I think that is happening. The bottom produce drawer has something growing in it that I am very afraid to look at. Hopefully by this time next year the "thing" will be gone completely.