October 3, 2011

Upside Down Sandwiches?

Why does an upside down sandwich taste so much different? 

I mean, we always put the condiments and what not on TOP. If you flip it over and eat it with the mayo on the bottom, it just doesn't seem like the same sandwich right? Would you ever put a piece of lettuce and tomato underneath your deli meat?  Some people might, I don't. 

Why do we do that? 

Two all beef patties...
It's the same thing with the way we eat hamburgers, the big part of the bun is ALWAYS on top. Would you ever consider turning it upside down and have the more puffy part of the bun on the bottom? I for one, would look at someone like they were crazy. Imagine biting through a pickle and ketchup with your bottom teeth first. You might as well be eating a hot dog, it's just not the same thing. 

I always eat my sandwich the same way, obviously with mayo, cheese, and whatever else on the top, but I actually eat it the same way every time. I start with the crust and eat around in a circle until all the crust is gone, then I finish the rest. Never once have I just eaten straight through and had my last bite be a piece of the crust. 

I have nothing against crust in general. I just can't have it be the last thing that I remember about my sandwich. 

Apple is my favorite
It always amazes me how when you do something one way your entire life, it's really hard to break that pattern. I eat pie the same way every time, which strangely means I eat the crust LAST, I always save a couple of fries until after my burger, and always eat the tops of a muffin last. Everything just tastes better that way, and I have no idea why. 

I assume I am not alone in this. At least I hope I am not anyway.

As for my kids developing these sort of behaviors?  Well, the next time the actually eat their food I will let you know.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. At last! I am printing this out to show people that I am *not* insane! Well, not as insane as I could be, anyway, lol. I eat my foods the same way, except.....this year I decided I am not eating the crusts anymore. Not even going to try and pretend I am. It's a privilege I have earned from being a parent for 24 years. My 7yo will just have to suck it up and accept that Mommy has a different status level than he does, lol. ;)

  2. I save the bite with the pickle for last (and obviously best)eating around the pickle and I notice my son does this thing with mac and cheese or say corn that he eats one at a time at a rather rapid pace like a mouse would - not all the time, must just be on days he thinks he's a mouse - not sure..

  3. I just realized that my son always eats a donut the same way. He will never eat the center, always eats around the hole in the middle. I suppose he doesn't want to get frosting on his face... Which is weird because every other sweet confection always gets on his face, and sticks for a while.

  4. I think it must be an American thing mate, although now im intrigued and going to have to test your theory out and see if it really does taste differently! :)

  5. I eat sandwiches upside down too, but it depends on the type, but not burgers. I'll have to try that.

  6. I had this same question a while ago... Answer: The reason it does taste different unside down is because your taste buds are on your tongue, which when you chew obviously goes under the food. Sandwich fillings being initially stacked mean that what ever is on the bottom of the sandwich will be the first taste you receive until the food is sufficiently chewed to combine all flavors. If you were to bite a sandwich with the meat on the bottom and mayo on top, the meet flavor would be more predominant for the first few chews until the flavors have mixed. Then if you were to flip it upside down, the mayo would be more predominant for the first few chews etc.

    A good example of this is... if you put onion in your sandwich... put in on the very bottom... the taste is quite horrible until its mixed, but even then the flavor has permeated your taste buds and the whole sandwich will be overpowered with onion. Now take the same amount of onion, but put it in the middle or more to the top... and its quite pleasant as its had a chance to mix with the other ingredients by the time you taste it properly. :)