August 5, 2011


Sometimes your kids just say things that you can't understand.  My youngest hasn't fully mastered the english language yet, so there are times I just sit there scratching my head.  He doesn't have all of his tenses down and doesn't know the names of everything he sees, but he does a pretty good job of describing things, so it's not THAT hard to figure out what he is talking about,.  There are those occasions though where I have no clue.

Wednesday was a perfect example of this.  When Carter came to me crying hysterically about something, I had absolutely no idea what the problem could have been.  I certainly thought that he could have hurt something, or most likely his brother wasn't playing with him, which is usually the case.  Sometimes HE needs to be in charge, but you can only play with lightsabers or pretend to jedis so often.  There was much more going on here, it wasn't something his brother did or didn't do, he was very upset.  I could tell we had a serious issue on our hands.

His hair can get a little crazy sometimes
I was able to calm him down a little, which is not easy to do with this child. After about five minutes I could hear the words CRAZY, HAIR, and DISCO. How on Earth could these words together be the cause of such torment for this child?  He has never been to a disco, neither have I, but his hair has gotten out of control sometimes. Another minute passed and I was able to decipher DANCING. OK obviously he wanted crazy hair so he could go disco dancing.  But he told me in the most high pitched squealing cry that wasn't it. There was more to his anguish.

It took me a little longer to get the word LEGO out of him, which is a surprise because that is usually his first word every morning.  If you know us at all we are a family obsessed with Legos. Ok it's only me and the boys, as my wife would love nothing more than melting these colorful blocks together to make something more useful, like a pair of shoes or a purse.  I deduced that this had to do with some sort of crazy haired dancing lego.  I am quite the decoder in my spare time.  But what the hell does it all mean?

Now I thought I have seen every Lego made, at least that is what the floor of basement will tell you, but I have never seen a crazy haired disco dancing one.  WTF?  It took me a little longer to get my next clue, ZOMBIE.  Holy crap!  What the hell is happening to my child?  It was only then that I asked Carter, "Do you want crazy lego hair to make a disco dancing zombie?"

He paused from his hysterics for a moment, and in the sweetest voice replied, "yes."

Well he should have told me that in the first place.  I was getting worried he had lost his mind.
This is who he wanted to make
We are apparently in a Plants vs Zombies phase... who knew?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Well, shoot. Now, having read this, I kind of want crazy lego hair to make a disco dancing zombie, too.

    I'm willing to excuse kids, but I even know some adults I desperately listen to with a furrowed brow who just don't enunciate, but I'm really and truly trying to follow because I like them and want to understand, but also really hate asking them to repeat themselves for the fifth time.

    Sounds like you really had to work to get the information here, but at least here the payoff was fantastic. With adults, it's usually something about home refinance or widget sales.

  2. That was awesome! Parental deciphering of child-talk can be one of the most frustrating things EVER.

    I want to see the actual disco dancing zombie when it's made....


  3. The problem is that we don't have the hair... everything else is in order but the hair is no where to be found. I am certainly not, i repeat not, going to to buy an entire lego set just to get hair for this lego zombie. Who the hell am I kidding? I want to see it too!

  4. This thing could be awesome. Hey, the zombie apocalypse is coming up soon, maybe this "disco dancing zombie" could be its leader?

    They are just trying to "stay alive", right?

  5. When I got to the part where he stopped crying and said "Yes" I literally started laughing out work.

    This is awesome.

  6. Glad I could make you laugh... he makes me laugh everyday.

  7. First thought was "Ha".
    Second thought was "I see a set in a disco era prequel to The Walking Dead"
    Third though was the BeeGees song in my head "Ah, Ah, Ah, staying undead, staying undead"