August 21, 2011

Last Beach Day?

Today could be our last beach day in New Jersey. We are headed on vacation next weekend and what we have learned in the past is the weather changes pretty quickly after Labor Day. Beach days in September can be hard to come by, so we need to enjoy the few remaining opportunities that we can get.

Beach days may be over for the summer, but we have the images and memories to last a lifetime.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Looks beautiful out there.

  2. Well you obviously have some great pictures to remember it by...Love this one!

  3. Great picture. We're going to Long Beach in October. It'll probably be too cold to swim, but not to sit and look at waves.

  4. Going to the beach is great in any weather... I could sit an watch the waves all day, as long as someone else is watching the kids.

  5. I love the beach as well, don't know why but everything just seems so calm and peaceful when your sitting looking out at the ocean. Unfortunately my kids don't agree, for some odd reason they are not to fond of the beach, something about it being boring.. first kids ever i've heard say that.. :/
    Very nice picture of your boy!

  6. You get the Versatile Bloggers Award from The Angry Scot!

  7. Such a great picture!! He is definitely enjoying the day!