August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Window... Europe

So we were the idiots that decided we wouldn't go to Europe until AFTER we had kids. Why we didn't go before we had them, I have no idea.  I will tell you as difficult as it sounds to travel abroad with two kids, it was well worth it.  People tell us all the time that we were crazy to bring them, that they wouldn't remember any of it.  We, we remember it, and we remember it with them.  We had trips to Germany and Belgium, Italy, and France.  Each was more beautiful than the other.  We haven't gone back in two years due to some health issues we had last time but I think we are heading back next year. Here is a glimpse of Europe in this weeks Wednesday's Window.

Dark Knight Tyler ready to storm the castle
Burg Eltz in Germany still standing for over 1100 years
The banks of the Mosel in Germany
The fountains of Rome Italy
My favorite picture EVER of Tyler outside the Colosseum 
The boys together in Tuscany
Riomaggiore Italy
Lake Como
The amazing views of Lake Como
Tyler outside Chenenceau
The boys ready to attack Chambord
This is a hotel in Normandy
Tyler placing flower at grave in American Cemetery in Normandy
Honfleur, Normandy
Eiffel Tower
Where should we go next year?  We are thinking Spain.  What do you think?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Awsome pictures mate, but you don't want to go to Spain, everyone goes to Spain, come to Sweden :)

  2. That Colloseum pic is epic!

    Maybe take them to London next summer for the Olympics? Shouldn't be too expensive...

  3. Gorgeous castle! I was lucky enough to study during college in Italy...hopefully we will be able to take the kids to Europe when they get big enough to remember.


  4. The funny thing about the gladiator picture is that it was totally his idea and all around Rome there are gladiators that you can take pictures with... FOR A PRICE. My son must have had 100 people want to take a picture with him. We could have paid off the entire vacation.