August 9, 2011

Farewell Blogger Idol


Did something just happen?

You are telling me that I am not going to be 2011's Blogger Idol?

Man I always had visions in my head that I would be singing "A Moment Like This" as confetti rained down on me after I was announced as the winner.  I never enter into anything that I don't think I can win, it's partially why I will never enter a marathon.  I mean I could run my ass of and still lose by a mile or 24 for that matter.  I was undefeated as a cub scout in the Pinewood Derby until my last race.  For three years my little 5 ounce car was faster than everyone else, but I will be haunted by my last race.  My car flew off the track and I lost.  I was devastated to say the least.  I want to remember the wins but what sticks with me is the LOSS.  Stupid Pinewood Derby.

Anyway this is different, what I will remember most about this loss is the fine group of people I was associated with.  These guys are some talented writers, and while I never thought of myself as such, it was GREAT to be included.  I was able to discover blogs that I never would have otherwise, and have developed relationships with people I have never actually met.  That's pretty cool.

From the get go I thought that the cards were stacked against me.  I never thought that I would actually make it into this competition, but as the weeks went by Daddy's in Charge turned into a locomotive that was picking up steam.  Positive feedback, votes for me, banners hanging up at supermarkets, and front page stories in the local newspaper… everything was rolling along.  Then all of a sudden, my train derailed, and my dream of being Blogger Idol was ruined. 

I think what finally did me in was my lack of wanting to talk about myself.  I like to write about OTHER people, mainly my kids.  I am sure that I am not alone in this thinking.  It's just not easy to write about yourself all the time.  I will say this though, I have learned something about myself in this competition, maybe I CAN write.  It's not something I would ever think I can do for a living, but I got some talent there.  Some people are so good at it though they could probably rewrite the phonebook and make it sound interesting.  I won't go that far with myself, but I could probably write some sort of manual about how to win the Pinewood Derby.

Just stay on the track. 

That's what I will do, stay on the track.  I'll keep blogging trying to entertain as many people as I can.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Awww :( well like you said just stay on track i for one love reading all the posts you make m8 so keep it up!

  2. You are the Chris Daughtry of Blogger Idol. Eliminated before your time. You are talented, so don't stop writing!! I love reading your posts.

  3. Thanks so much guys. Maybe next year they will let me sing the goodbye song then if I am indeed Chris Daughtry. Thats high praise THANK YOU