August 17, 2011

Wednesday's Window

This week we are taking you to the ice cream shop.  Now we probably go get ice cream way more than we should, but it's summer right?  I have no idea why but this seems to be the only place that I can get my boys to eat anything, amazing how that works. There is always room in your belly for an extra scoop of ice cream I guess.  I hope you enjoy this weeks Wednesday's Window.

What flavor does everyone want?
Of course I add these on my Sinless Cake Batter ice cream
Carter gets Cotton Candy with a side of white chocolate
My totally Fat Free ice cream... yeah right
Tyler enjoys his Oreo Creme Filling
Carter has a big mouth
My boys are happy which means I am happy
 Everyone has their favorite.  Usually I get either vanilla or coffee.  What's yours?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Personally i would have to go with Vanilla with chocolate bits in it, it's just so nom nom, unfortunately we dont have those types of shops here in Sweden :( i'm so jealous!

  2. What's wrong with Sweeden? No beer and no ice cream?

  3. Haha we have beer but you can only buy it via the Government owned building and we have Ice-Cream but no actual Ice-Cream shops :( but we do have IKEA!