August 3, 2011

Wednesday's Window

This weeks window comes to you from California.  We recently returned from vacation in the Golden State, and I have to say there were a lot of beautiful things to see.  My boys however were most interested in going to Legoland and Disneyland, who could blame them?  From San Francisco to San Diego, I hope you enjoy this week's Wednesday's Window.
Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco
Lombard Street
San Francisco Bay boats
Golden Gate Bridge
Pier 39 Marina
Golden Gate Bridge
Me and the boys in Muir Woods
Mickey Mouse
Our friends Kayla and Alexis
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  1. My husband loves California, and is always trying to convince me we should move there. I just don't know if I could handle west coast life. But it does look like a great place to visit! Awesome pics.

  2. I haven't seen a lot of it. What I have seen is mostly along the coast and it has been beautiful. I think it is a great place to visit but there are things that I fear: Earthquakes, Fires, Mudslides and my water not flowing anymore. I do know people that live there that love it, and others that want to get out. Most love it though.

  3. It's a nice place to live. As far as earthquakes, fires, etc., every place has some sort of issue. Might be hurricanes, tornados, droughts, blizzards or whatever. You have to take the good with the bad.

    That all being said, it looks like you hit some great places. Which was your fav? Muir Woods is great.

  4. If I wasn't an east coast person California would be high on my list if I were to move. Muir Woods was great except for the walk from the car. Can't they just cut some of those trees down to put in a parking lot? We didn't go this time but I loved the Big Sur area. On this trip though I have to say Legoland, the boys loved it! Big post tomorrow about that!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I would love to visit California, especially SF. I will do it one day! :-)

  6. San Fran is really nice. The setting for it could not be any better. Beautiful!