June 17, 2011

Hero of the Week... Jose Morales

To familiarize you with this concept, I am honoring someone that has come in contact with my kids in a positive way. Not all heroes are fighting in wars or rescuing people from burning buildings. They can be everyday folks that go about their jobs to ensure that our lives are a little more fulfilled. Heroes big and small, we thank you!

This weeks "Hero of the Week" is Tyler's soccer coach Jose Morales.

Coach Jose Morales encouraging Team Spain

Like all the other coaches in our league Coach Morales is a volunteer. They give up their own time to make sure that kids are taught the proper fundamentals and have fun doing it. What a lot of people didn't know is that Coach Morales took time off from work to make this happen. Evening practices meant he had to take his own vacation time to make sure that the kids would have the proper coaching.

Throughout the course of the season I could see the frustration building as Tyler's team was the worst in the league. That did not dampen Coach Morales' enthusiasm for the game though as he was cheering them on even as there was not much to cheer about. I know the sacrifices made to be a coach, as I attempted to coach my other son and a bunch of other four year olds. It's not an easy job and one that Coach Morales deserves a lot of credit for. Thank you Coach for taking the time to teach my son a thing or two about soccer, you are this weeks "Hero of the Week."

They didn't win a game but Team Spain played hard

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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