June 10, 2011

Hero of the Week... My Mom

I am going to try a new concept here at Daddy's in Charge and offer you a weekly look at someone I consider to be a hero of the week.  Now heroes exist in many forms; firefighters, police officers, soldiers, and also everyday people who we come across that make our lives easier.  If you have a kid, I am assuming that you do if you read my blog, you might have might have heard of the TV show "Higglytown Heroes".  It was one of my sons favorite shows a few years ago, and every now and then the theme song pops in my head.   Sometimes I catch myself making up some stupid song about the cashier at the local Kohls.  In fact I still call my sons swim teacher Fran the Squirrel.  Anyway, you get the idea, there will be someone during the week that I come across who has affected us in a positive way.

This weeks hero is my mother Bonnie.  Now we didn't get to see her this week, so right off the bat I am changing my own rules, but for a very good reason, today is her BIRTHDAY.  I won't mention how old she is but you probably wouldn't believe me if I did.  My boys don't get to see her that much unfortunately, as she lives about six hours away, but I can tell you that doesn't change their love for her.
On the beach in Florida with Tyler
In Geneseo last Memorial Day
Happy Birthday Mom!  For being the BEST Grandmother in the world, I offer you this week's "Hero of the Week"

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Funny, I did a post about everyday heroes a couple of weeks ago, which Daddy Knows Less recently highlighted on his blog. It was called Priscilla, Queen of the Short Bus, and it was about my special needs son's bus driver.

    I love highlighting the positive influences of others in our world, especially when it comes to our kids.

  2. I knew that I got the inspiration somewhere, I just couldn't remember where. It was obviously the Higglytown Heroes reference. I hope you don't think I stole an idea. Your idea was obviously a GREAT one. I hope to make this a weekly feature. If it is then a lot of people have affected my kids in some way large or small. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Haha, no worries! Glad something I wrote inspired another. That's my aim. :) Looking forward to more weekly heroes.