June 23, 2011

Sweet Caroline

Jesse Eisenberg could take lessons from this guy
We have new pet bird in our house and he is teaching my son to dance.  You might recall Blu the domesticated Macaw from the movie Rio, well he has swooped in and made my son a regular Fred Astaire.  Well maybe that is stretching things a little bit, but for a kid with a father with no rhythm it's the closest thing I can compare him to, if Fred Astaire was a hyped up naked four year old.  Every night for the past week Carter has decided the thing to do before bedtime is play with this McDonald's toy, you see it makes music when you push a button.  If you have kids who force you to go to the McDonald's play place then you have probably seen it.  I will tell you, there is much more life to this bird than there was in the movie.

I guess the dancing helps him sleep
The other night Carter decided to step up his game a little bit.  Somehow he managed to turn on the radio in his brothers room, something I have yet to even figure out, and dance.  Now this was not some sweet little child performing a charming waltz, he was a stripped down, literally naked, out of his mind, whacko going crazy to the sounds of "Sweet Caroline", you know the sing along anthem sung most notably at Red Sox games.  I am pretty sure that Neil Diamond didn't have my son in mind when he penned the lyrics to this song.  Nonetheless there we were singing along and dancing, only one of us was naked.

There are a lot of good times that we tend to forget over the years.  My wife constantly reminds me of things that seemingly happened yesterday.  We wish we could capture our kids lives even more than we do, but as is often the case some of the most memorable things happen when the camera is not turned on.  We remember good times when we visit places or see old faces.  Sometimes a song comes on the radio that brings us back to a good time we don't want to forget.  I think I found that song, and I have definitely found that moment.

"Oh, sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good."

So good!

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Hey, I pimped you out today, because I think you're a pretty cool dude.


    Good luck in Idol!

  2. I saw that. Thank you so much! Good luck to you! You are a very good writer.

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