February 3, 2011

The Curious Case of Carter Blake

I know that most kids have their little quirks, and mine are no different.  Its these little things that makes us love them more.  Carter is just one of those little boys, yes he is a little boy now, that takes quirkiness to the extreme.  Or maybe he is no different than others, you tell me.  It was a snow day yesterday, a topic for a whole other blog, so I decided to take the kids out for a much deserved lunch date with daddy.  Ok it really was more we wanting to get out of the house, as you can only play with so many legos, and time just seems to go faster when you are not cooped up inside.  A good break to the day.

Both boys wanted pancakes, which I am fine with, they could eat them at every meal if I would let them.  Its all they eat in The Netherlands right?  It was then I noticed something strange with the way Carter was eating, he was eating from the inside out and leaving the outer rim of the the little silver dollar cakes.  Somewhat bizarre but I for a three year old probably seems pretty normal.  I mean who cares HOW they eat it as long as the DO eat it.


As much as the boys like pancakes, they LOVE donuts.  The problem with where we live, like most in the northeast, is that there is a Dunkin Donuts on every corner and just so happens to be one almost right across the street from where Carter goes to school.  He could eat donuts at every meal.  I actually caught him the other day hiding behind a chair eating his brothers donut.  What a little sneak.  Anyway Carter has a curious way of eating these little treats,  HE ONLY EATS THE OUTSIDE leaving the hole in the middle.  What happens if he comes across a pancake donut?  Who knows, maybe the world will end or something if these two delicacies were to ever collide.  I think Carter's brain would explode, because he would have no idea how to eat it.

I guess we all have our little intricacies that make us special.  My mom still makes comments about the way I eat pie, always eat the top with the fruit filling, then the bottom, then the crust.  I don't know why I eat that way, always have always will I guess, just one of those little things that makes ME special.  As for Carter I hope he is still leaving the holes in his donuts when he gets to be my age, but if he is still eating pancakes the way he did yesterday that would just be strange.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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