February 19, 2011

Long Distance Relationships... They Can Work

Long distance relationships never work. You have that dream job in Boise and your girlfriend gets her dream job in Kalamazoo, what are you going to do? Aside from hanging yourself because you live in Idaho and Michigan you try to make the relationship work, eventually the distance is just too much to overcome, and the relationship dies.
It never seems that way though when you are a kid. We are currently on vacation in Florida visiting my wife's lifelong friend Liz who we see twice a year if we are lucky. Her two girls Madison and Julia and my two boys couldn't be better friends, it's as if they see each other everyday. In this case distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. It really amazes me how well kids can play together sometimes regardless of how long it's been since they have seen each other. I have a bunch of friends that live on Long Island that I never get to see, from New Jersey to Long Island can take longer than flying to Florida sometimes, hence we never go. When we do go though it's the same thing, our kids are all best friends it a matter of minutes.  While we as parents share a bond with our friends, after a few minutes it's as if we are there because our kids are so close.

I guess the key to the long distance relationship is to never grow older than ten years old and to live somewhere where people want to visit. I mean if my wife's friend lived in Boise or Kalamazoo we would probably never visit them and the kids would never be so close. I wish all of our fiends lived closer so our kids could play all the time but unfortunately that's not the case. It's nice to know though that despite the distance the kids can have BEST friends wherever we go.
BTW... I have nothing against either Boise or Kalamazoo, just random examples of places that I have never been to or probably never will visit. I am sure that they are lovely places with a lot of great kids. Kids I am sure mine would get along with great.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I am moving to Kalamazoo
    Visit soon,

  2. When I was little it was the same feeling with my parent's good friends who lived in MA. We were two girls and the Stering kids were two boys, but we LOVED getting together. Of course their boys would have relay races to see who could win my sister's love, while I was like a big pile of chopped liver. Cant wait to see our boys fighhting over these beautiful girls!

  3. I am so glad that the Willey boys & the Jones girls are best buddies! I'm just jealous that I'm not there too! I hope you have a blast watching those 4 perfect children have SO much fun together! Great entry Johnny -- I love it....friendships like the ones your kids share really are priceless, and I hope they will always be close! Have FUN!