February 20, 2011

Mom's (Dad's) Night Out

With the wife sound asleep, too much partying perhaps, the opportunity arose to have a true ladies night out. Why not I thought, any housewife gets tired of slaving over the dishes, the laundry, and rubbing their husbands feet, and I am no different. Now I have not undergone any sort sex change operation or injected myself with any hormones but I am a man and I have needs too.

Part of me felt as if I was on some sort of secret mission to a place where few men get to go, to see what these women do when their men are not around. But the other part of me felt like I would be breaking some sort of secret code of wifehood if I did indeed report on the things that I saw go on last night. I am sure that you have it in your head that these women were crazy, drunk, and foul mouthed drinking tequila and apple martinis, but I am not allowed to tell you that (wink, wink.) What I am allowed to say is it was a completely tame crowd, a somewhat sophisticated evening of intelligent women discussing the economy and what the happenings in Egypt mean for us in the United States.

No one will ever know what truly went on last evening. The secret dies with Liz and I. I will say the moments are etched in my brain and as a man for one night I got to see how the other half lives. I won't break wifecode. I know the truth. For one night and one night only I was a (wo)man.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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  1. But when Jenn & I go out, we DO discuss the economy & current events....