February 11, 2011

You Want How Much?

Its time to get a new car. The lease is up on our Odyssey and it's not a time I am looking forward to. Shopping for a car is just such a pain in the ass. You always get the idea that the guy on the other side of the desk is pulling a fast one on you. You could get a car for five dollars but he knows you could have gotten it for four. Why can't I walk into a dealership like its a McDonalds look at the prices and get what I want? If I want chocolate milk with my happy meal they don't have to consult with their manager and come back with a different price. Just figure out what is the least you can offer the car to me, give me that price and move on. The constant haggling reminds me of a Caribbean beach, only you walk out a little less satisfied.
There are just too many options you have to consider, obviously we have to have a rear entertainment system in the car even though the kids have not watched a movie in months. There will be that one day when they want to watch Cars, of course and that movie will cost us 1700 dollars. Can we get a car with a built in Wii? Or how about the ability to stream movies so we don't have to carry around DVDs anymore? It just seems so archaic nowadays. Maybe I will just buy the most basic model of car and tell my boys to suck it up like I used to, shoved in the back of the Nova with my two brothers. If they want all these great gadgets they can negotiate it themselves.

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