February 17, 2011

A Hairy Situation

Carter's hair has always been a sticky subject, he never wants to get it cut and so it just grows and continues into some sort of rats nest.  In fact the other day we found a lego clone trooper stuck inside it that we have been looking for for over a week.  We don't comb it, just kind of push it over to one side, however he wakes up is how he goes to school.  I think its cute, because that is Carter, he has always had some craziness to his hair, just adds to his personality.  But I wonder if we were the type of parents that combed his hair everyday would Carter be the same, who knows.  I am sure there is some sort of study done based on the correlation of hair to personality and I am sure it says that we are awful parents  because we don't comb his hair on a daily basis, whatever.  As long as there has been Carter and hair in particular his hair has gotten out of control, witness some of these images.  

I don't know how many times we have actually gotten this kid a haircut in his almost four years but it is probably less than five.  He NEVER wants to get his hair cut because he say he doesn't want to lose his curls, he probably learned that from us, and that it is going to hurt.  Like he has some sort of ability to feel his hair tips, who knows maybe he does.  Maybe we should have introduced him to the barber earlier on his life and taken him more often but you know as a parent you see how a kid looks and you don't want to change it.  It's especially that way with the first hair cut.  They go in looking like a baby and coming out looking like a big kid.  It's totally traumatizing.  Every time we take Carter in for a hair cut he comes out looking like a different kid, totally un-Carterlike.

Then you realize that it is not the hair that makes Carter the way he is, its just Carter being Carter.  He is always going to be a little more wild than most, regardless of what he has on top of his head.  Are we bad parents for not getting our son a haircut more often so he doesn't look like a little homeless child?  If thinking you have the most adorable son and don't want to change a thing about him is a bad thing, then I am guilty as charged.

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