February 9, 2011

On the Go

Sometimes you just get the urge to write and of course that doesn't always happen when you are sitting in front of the computer. In fact most of my ideas happen when I am out and about, so I just added the ability to blog on the go. Much like my old job news doesn't happen in the comfy confines of a newsroom, it happens all around us. This is not to say that what my kids might or might not do should be considered news, just that not all of their antics happen in our basement. Think of my phone now as a mobile Daddy's in Charge? newsroom, minus of course the satellite dish or the brain frying microwave transmitter. Its amazing that partially what got me out of television is what i am doing now. I guess my background as a journalist did come in handy as I now "report" from the front lines of family life. I will never interrupt any programming for special reports about my kids eating dinner at McDonalds or going to the bathroom at a filthy gas station. I cannot rule out coverage of game winning soccer goals or solos at concerts. Some things just need to be shared right away, and judging by my memory most cannot wait until I get home. In this time of instant access to information, why should I not give people what they crave. I mean seriously who would not want more of my kids?

At Philadelphia Please Touch Museum, pretending to be doctors

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John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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