February 15, 2011

Hey Mom You Are Making Me Look Bad!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and with that comes the kids parties at school.  Well obviously I missed out on mom training because Carter came home with a goodie bag with everything from pencils, to bubbles, even slinkies.  The slinky doesn't work like a slinky so at least I didn't come up with that stupid idea.  Anyway what did I send Carter to school with yesterday, an envelope of cards.  Thats it,  just cards.  No cards with candy attached to them, or erasers, which by the way what three year old uses an eraser.  The next time Carter erases something that he has scribbled on the wall will be the first time.  There were no lollipops, or activity books, or bags of popcorn, just a card, one with Iron Man on it though!  My point is that these are things you don't learn in Dad School, moms you are making me look bad!


Its seems that every time someone at school is celebrating a birthday Carter comes home with some new treat.  I mean aren't WE supposed to get THEM a treat for their birthday?  How was I supposed to know that this was standard protocol.  They NEVER did this when Carter was in daycare.  All of a sudden you change the name to a preschool and all the old rules get thrown out the window.  COME ON!!!   Whatever happened to the old saying "Less is more?"  I guess its time to step up my game with this, the fight is on!  Hey Mom, you know what your kids are getting for Carter's birthday this year?  Ponies for the girls and motorcycles for the boys!  Oh and generic bubbles and a box of stolen Cracker Barrel crayons... game on!

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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  1. LOL. It should be Dad in the title. I taped candy to the Valentines last year.