February 14, 2011

The End of an Era

Well it happened... Carter's shoe finally fell apart, a big giant hole broke out where his big toe would be.  Now I knew this day was coming as these crocs never leave his feet. Yes we have had near record snowfall, but he continued to wear them through rain, sleet, snow, and dark of night.   Much like a postman with his appointed rounds you could count on Carter to be walking around with these shoes on. My last blog I talked of buying a car and how much I disliked the process, well I think that this is going to be even worse. He has grown very attached to these shoes, I can't even tell you when we got them for him, and he is very much a creature of habit, notice the orange shorts, he has worn them everyday for the past two weeks.  I almost think it would have been better for him to lost a foot or something.

We as parents probably feed into his craziness by not wanting to get him upset so naturally he wears the crocs all the time.  I honestly don't care what he wears on his feet as long as he has something, but what am I going to do now?  I have a couple pairs of sneakers that he could wear but I don't think that there is any chance of me getting them on his feet tomorrow.  I do have an old pair of crocs that used to be Tyler's but they seem a little bit too big.  This reminds me, I don't like the sizing of these sandals because you are either an 8/9 or a 10/11.  Give me a 9/10!  Obviously Carter's feet are to big for the smaller size but they are way too small for the bigger size.  I need something just right.  Where is Goldilocks when you need her?

I will have to admit it was kind of sad seeing a giant hole in his shoes.  Those Crocs WERE Carter and not seeing them on his feet will leave a little empty feeling.  It really is the end of an era, my boy is getting bigger by the day, at least his feet are anyway.  As for those 3T shorts, the way the rest of Carter is growing, we should be safe for a couple of more years.  Lets hope so anyway.

By the way for those with an Iphone or an Ipad, who just need to get to my blog on the go, I have created a little icon that you can add to your homescreen to follow my blog.  Just click on the add to homescreen button and instead of a generic webpage you will have a picture of my two boys on your phone, its that easy to follow the life we lead, give it a shot.   Just another easy way to keep in touch with the Willey universe.  For those without an iphone, well I don't know how other phones work so I suggest that you go get yourselves one.  Thanks for reading.

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